The PsyNet is the network where every Psy is connected on. It looks similar to a nightsky, with white stars on the black flimamentrepresenting each mind and white connections between them to feed the minds with the needed bio-feedback to survive. Every Psy links to it from the moment of their birth.

General Edit

Each star on the Net looks different.

While you are not limited by your physical body when it comes to walking through the Net, it does influence your placement in the Net. Since the star is your focal point, the minds you see around you link to your location on earth. E.g. Psy in Europe see other Psy minds in Europe first.

Minds can also move. If a Psy is adopted into a family or a clan it sometimes moves closer to them.

it is held afloat by Anchors, Psy that help stabilize the net. They make it possible for Psy to move around and go places where other Psy minds are spare and far inbetween.

There is always a live stream running, which you have to protect yourself from so you don't go insane from all the information.

In it lives a conscious entity called the NetMind. With the start of Silence, part of it split into the DarkMind. The NetMind is aware of every single person in the Net.

All information is stored there, it is the biggest archive in the world. To control how much information is fed into your mind, most Psy have firewalls up at all times. Those who let the stream go in unfiltered are considered extreme, as it is not effiecient.

The stars are mostly arranged by the physical location of the Psy itself. The more powerful the Psy, the brighter the light; Cardinal minds look like miniature suns.

Since your own mind is the starting point everytime you venture into the Net, it is your focal point.

Hierachy Edit

The overall leader is the Psy Council.

After that Psy are structured by family groups. Competetions inside the Net are allowed, but they have to remain a united front to the outside.


Defection == Deemed impossible before, since a Psy cannot live without it, there are several people who still defected and survived.

These are:

PsyNet Beacon Edit

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