Telepathy is the ability to read, perceive or manipulate another person's thoughts.

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General Edit

Every Psy has a minimum of Telepathy since they all are connected through the Net. It is quintessential to be connected since that neural feedback keeps them alive. It is also the most common designations with more sub designations than any other.

It is a mostly offensive ability. Mainly it is used for communication and receiving information, but can also be used for mind control.

Sub-Designations Edit

Pure Tps Edit

Pure Tps are the the top end of the Gradient and are able to send and receive from the across the world with perfect clarity. They are rare and usually work for the Council.

Viral Transmitters Edit

Tps of that category can send mental viruses that "induce insanity". This can be temporary, permament or end in death.

Justice (J) Edit

They are able to look into the mind of an individual and recover memories. They work in the law department. More here

Life Edit

With minimal telepathic abilities, every Psy in the world is connected through the Net. Similar to the Internet, there is a steady stream of information, communication and activity going on that keeps them alive. They can "wander" around and share things themselves.

Other Edit

Known Tps Edit

47 total; 43 of those with mentionable abilities. 6 Cardinals, 16 upper class, 4 middle class, 1 lower class , 15 unspecified

  1. Aden Kai, with a 4.3 Gradient
  2. Alejandro
  3. Andrea Vasquez, with an 8.3 Gradient
  4. Anthony Kyriakus, a high Gradient
  5. Axl, with a 9.7 Gradient
  6. Beatrice Gault
  7. Bilar
  8. Carolina, with a 9.3 Gradient
  9. Carrie
  10. Daniela Garcia, with a 8.2 Gradient
  11. Duchslaya Yurev, a Cardinal
  12. Edward Chan, with an 8 Gradient
  13. Ekaterina "Katya" Haas, with a 4.5 Gradient
  14. Emily Petrokov
  15. Faith NightStar, with a 6 Gradient
  16. George Kim
  17. Henry Scott, with a 9.5 Gradient
  18. Ivy Jane Zen, with a 3.2 Gradient
  19. Jay Khanna, with a 9.8 Gradient
  20. Jen Liu
  21. Judd Lauren, with a 9.4 Gradient
  22. Kaleb Krychek, a Cardinal
  23. Keenan Aleine
  24. Kenneth Vale
  25. Kristine Laurent, a Cardinal
  26. Marine NightStar, a Cardinal
  27. Matthew Petrokov
  28. Miguel Ferrara, with a 4.1 Gradient
  29. Ming LeBon, a Cardinal
  30. Nikita Duncan, with a 9.1 Gradient
  31. Pax Marshall, with a 9 Gradient
  32. Sienna Lauren Snow
  33. Smith Jenson
  34. Solias King, with a 8 Gradient
  35. Sophia Russo, with a 8.5 Gradient (J)
  36. Tatiana Rika-Smythe
  37. Tilly
  38. Toby Lauren, a Cardinal
  39. Vasic Zen, with a 5.9 Gradient
  40. Walker Lauren, with a 7.8 Gradient
  41. Yuri
  42. Zaid Adelaja, a Cardinal
  43. Zaira Neve, with a 9.8 Gradient

Psy with weak telepathic abilities

Amara Aleine, Amin, Ashaya Aleine (basic ability), Sascha Duncan