Telekinetics are able to move objects by will through nonphysical methods, often at distance.

For a full list of all Psy designations go here.

General Edit

Their power can range from simple things to switching the lights on and off to teleporting (themselves or others) to moving mountains and causing natural disasters.

Their power is linked to the Gradient, the higher you test, the more you can do.

Sub-Designations Edit

Tk-C (Cell) Edit

These Psy are able to control and move cells in another body. Sometimes they can even do it to themselves. This work on a cellular level, while helpful, is also incredibely dangerous as they could accidentally kill someone out of an (emotional) outburst.

Tk-V (Traveler) Edit

These true teleporters are extremely, extremely rare. They are able to go from location to location in the blink of an eye. In order to teleport they need a "picture" (mental or otherwise) from their designated location to lock on. Very few can also lock unto faces rather than places

Life Edit

Other Edit

Known Tks Edit

15 total; 12 relevant, 2 Cardinals, 4 upper class, 1 middle class, 1 lower class, 4 unspezified

Tks Edit

  • Abbot, with a 9.1 Gradient, teleport capable
  • Amin, with a 3 Gradient
  • Nerida
  • Ryan Asquith
  • Santano Enrique, a Cardinal
  • Stefan Berg, with a 9.7 Gradient
  • Tavish

Psy with some telekinetic abilities Edit

Faith NightStar, Kristine Lauren, Marlee Lauren

Others Edit

  • Aden Kai (Tk Mirror), with a 4.3 Gradient
  • Judd Lauren (Tk-C) with a 9.9 Gradient
  • Kaleb Krychek (Tp/Tk[-V]), a Dual Cardinal
  • Patton (Tk-V)
  • Vasic Zen (Tk-V) with a 7.9 Gradient

Trivia Edit

  • being teleported feels like your bones are melting from the inside. (Hostage to Pleasure, ch.1)

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