Silver Mercant is the secretary of Kaleb Krychek and descendant of the Mercant Clan.

Biography Edit

Childhood Edit

Life in Silence Edit

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Caressed by Ice Edit

Heart of Obsidian Edit

Allegiance of Honor Edit

Physical Appearance Edit

Personality and Traits Edit

Her eye colour is a unique shade between grey and blue wich gave her her name.

Abilities and Skills Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • She is the second character to be named after her eye colour, the first one being Indigo.
  • she is mated to alpha Valentine Nikolaev
  • at the beginning of the book she measured 9.3

In the gradient;however her ability developed and got up at least 2 point in the gradient making her a 9.5 telephat (Mabey 9.6,9.7,9.8 or 9.9)

  • she's part of the snow water river clan

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