Shoshanna Scott is married to Henry Scott and a former Council member. She is based in London.

Biography Edit

Childhood Edit

Life with Silence Edit

Appearances Edit

Slave to Sensation Edit

Visions of Heat Edit

Caressed by Ice Edit

Mine to Posess Edit

Hostage to Pleasure Edit

Branded by Fire Edit

Blaze of Memory Edit

Bonds of Justice Edit

Play of Passion Edit

Kiss of Snow Edit

Tangle of Need Edit

Heart of Obsidian Edit

Shield of Winter Edit

Shards of Hope Edit

Physical Appearance Edit

She looks elegant and graceful, a slender, almost delicate looking brunette. She has pale blue eyes and dark hair.

Personality and Traits Edit

Abilities and Skills Edit

She is a 9.5.

She has razor sharp political skills. She is considered the dominant part of the Scott pair.

Family Edit

She is married to Henry Scott, in hope to appeal more to the non-Psy media news.

Relationships Edit

Henry: she is the more dominant part of this dynamic.

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References Edit

Slave to Sensation

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