• first mentioned in Visions of Heat
  • part of the NightStar PsyClan, based in Tahoe
  • cousin of Faith NightStar, niece of Anthony Kyriakus
  • daughter of Leon Kyriakus and Daniela Garcia
  • Psy designation F, sub designation B, officially has the ability of Backsight
  • able to see events of the past and project those images into the minds of others
  • very high gradient abilities so rare they don’t even have a designation
  • able to almost instantly pick up any language and speak it fluently
  • the only individual in the PsyNet with the ability to access and control the minds and memories of any number of people at will
  • able to leave someone a living shell with no past and no future
  • using her ability to erase memories also cost her memories of her own
  • went missing without a trace at age 16, held captive by Tatiana Rika-Smythe for over 7 years
  • taken and tortured by Santano Enrique as a way to control Kaleb Krychek
  • powers so coveted she is not killed despite her refusals to cooperate or surrender
  • already flawed Silence shattered by her captivity
  • mind stripped of her shields, memory fractured
  • beaten, threatened and abused by those that held her
  • instrumental in figuring out the impact Empaths have in battling the Psy infection
  • becomes a specialist in the Empathic Coalition
  • barely 5 foot 2, slender and graceful
  • deep, midnight blue eyes
  • waist length rich black hair interwoven with strands of red-gold
  • palest brown skin

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