Ming LeBon is a Cardinal and former Council member. He is considered an enemy to SnowDancer, and to most of the Ruling Coalition. He owns a personal military force.

He is based in the Champagne region of France.

He is 55 years old as of Slave to Sensation.

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He was in charge of the Implant Protocol which Ashaya Aleine worked with.

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He is responsible for the capture and torture of Ekaterina Haas. He is determined to destroy the Forgotten.

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He starts to gain power and Europe and keeps things running there.

He is working to bring down the Trinity Accord.

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58 years old. While he has typical Cardinal eyes, his have far less white than others. Built compact and sleek. The left side of his face is maked by a birth mark the color of blood.

He was born with pure white hair

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He used to be an Arrow, and took on their leadership for a while.

He is a master of human karate and jujitsu, deadly on both a physical and mental level.

He is a Cardinal and a strategic mastermind. He specializes at mental combat

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The Arrows:

Sienna: his protégé, he held her prisoner within his own mental shields and trained her to be the perfect weapon

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