• first appearance in Mine to Possess
  • gradient 4.5 telepath and gradient 4.9 M-Psy
  • a Psy rebel, part of the resistance
  • able to amplify her abilities to be a much more powerful telepath
  • assistant of Ashaya Aleine
  • helps Ashaya Aleine free Jonquil Duchslaya and Noor Hassan
  • presumed dead in the Nebraska lab explosion ordered by Ming LeBon
  • held captive by Ming LeBon, starved, tortured and beaten for over 5 months
  • broken mentally and physically
  • programmed by Ming LeBon to be a spy and a killer
  • when her mind splintered, so did her conditioning, allowing emotions in
  • remains linked to the PsyNet, but unable to access it
  • suffers from amnesia after her release from captivity
  • shoots and attempts to kill Ming LeBon
  • mind slowly breaking down
  • saved by Noor Hassan and Keenan Aleine
  • becomes part of the Forgotten ShadowNet
  • shoulder length blonde hair, hazel eyes streaked with gold and green
  • married to Devraj Santos

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