Psy of the designation Foresight (F) are able to foresee the future.

For a full list of all Psy designations go here.

Faith NightStar is a Cardinal F and the most powerful Psy in her generation. Only Sione can sometimes reach her accuracy. Every single on of her predictions has come true.

General Edit

All F-Psy are also capable of Backsight, but not all B-Psy are capable of Foresight.

Foresight: Edit

F-Psy are able to foresee the future. They are able to "prime" their mind to specific events and focus on them.

Backsight: Edit

They are able to view past happenings and project them onto others. They can "prime" themselves to certain events and bring back lost data, e.g. from natural disasters where no one else has survived.

Life Edit

A F-Psy begins working as soon is she is able to. They are monitored by a group of medics to ensure sanity and safety. They tend to live in isolation, shying away even from other Psy.

They stustain a very hard Silent conditioning.

Most Psy go clinically insane by the time they are in their 50's.

Clans Edit

F-Psy live in PsyClans which take up their care and control. They are responsible for medical care, work load and monetary assets. F-Psy bring in millions (in some cases billions) of dollars for their predictions which are used to the entire Clan.

One of the most famous Clans to bring up F-Psy is the NightStar Clan. Others are:


Other Edit

F-Psy have the highest chance of going clinically insane. Carina NightStar was one of those and had to have her teeth and nails removed to stop her from mutulating herself.[1]

Before Silence they used to work in the Justice system, B-Psy especially were used as unbiased witnesses. now they make business predictions.

In Silence Edit

F-Psy are one of the main groups to support Silence in hope of curing their insanity. Greg Petrokov for example chose Silence since he was haunted by his vision.[2]

Known F-Psy Edit

6 total; 1 Cardinal, 3 upper class, 2 unspezified.

Faith NightStar (F) [NightStar] a Cardinal

Sahara Kyriakus (B) [NightStar] with an 8.1 Gradient (at 16)

Carina NightStar (F) [NightStar] with a 7.5 Gradient

Juniper (F) [Nightstar] with an 8.2 Gradient

Sione (F) [Arrow, formerly PacificRose]

Greg Petrokov (F)

References Edit

  1. Visions of Heat (2007)
  2. Blaze of Memory (2009)

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