Empaths are able to sense, amplify or dampen emotions. It is not alot known about Empaths since they have been erased with the start of the Silence Protocol.

For a full list of all Psy designations go here.

General Edit

Empaths are able to sense, amplify or dampen emotions. Furthermore, they can heal emotional wounds by taking on the pain themselves.

While most of it is done consciously, stronger Empaths do some work unconsciously since it is in their nature.

Before Silence, Alice Eldridge was a PhD student who studied Psy designations. She wrote a book about Empaths which is in Sascha's possession, everything else was destroyed in a massive purge in 1980.

When using their powers, for example, healing mental wounds, its like wrapping mental arms around that person and draw away those emotions. Similarly she can push back other emotions.

Silence Edit

Before Silence Edit

They were one group which protested Silence the most, since it would mean they had to suppress their psychic abilities.

In Silence Edit

In Silence, they bascially did not "exist". They categorized under "Non Specialized" since 1971. Alot of them felt broken under the new system, afraid of being detected and institutionalized.

Apparently, suspected Es have red flags marking their file to keep track of them.

Those born into Silence never knew of their true designation, and having no one to turn to, lived in misery.

After Silence Edit

After the fall of Silence, the Empathic Coalition is now trying to find Empaths, train them and stop the encroaching madness threatening the Psy race.

Ivy Jane Zen is their President, Sascha Duncan Hunter Apecial Advisor, Alice Elridge Consultant.

Other Edit

Sascha Duncan Hunter was the first E-Psy since 1979 to defect from the Net through a mating with a changeling alpha.

Sascha first finds out about Es when she discoveres her family records and sees both her file and that of her great-grandmother marked by a red flag. Ai Kumamoto was an 8.2 E-Psy, after the start of silence she was a 6.2 non-specialized Psy. Sascha finds out E stands for Empath from Hawke.

Known Empaths Edit

18 total; 2 Cardinals, 4 upper class, 12 unspezified

  • Ai Kumamoto, Sascha's great-grandmother, born 1973, with an 8.2 Gradient
  • Bridgette, medical E
  • Chang, a Cardinal
  • Christiane Hall
  • Concetta Galeano
  • Dechen
  • Eben Kilabuk
  • Isaiah
  • Ivy Jane Zen, with a 9.3 Gradient
  • Jaya, medical E, with a 8.8 Gradient
  • Jeri
  • Lianne
  • Marchelline Hall
  • Penny
  • Sascha Duncan Hunter, a Cardinal
  • Sunny (powerful)
  • Teri
  • Zia

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