Less of a pack, the BlackSea Conclave encompasses all water based changelings across the world. Peculiar and secretive, barely anything is known about them. None of their animal forms are known. Their leader is Miane Léveque. They are starting to form an alliance with SD through Kenji Tanaka and Emani. In SoH, while Aden and Zaira were searching for them, Jim Sauva was taken and killed (presumed suicide), Clay was killed by the Consortium. Olivia Coletti, his mate, and their daughter Persephone were recovered. Other members include Costas (juvenile), Emani Berg (public representatice), Griffin, Leila Savea, and Malachai Rhys (lieutenant and security chief, 2nd in command).

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Allegiance of Honor Edit

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Leader: Miane Léveque

Second in Command: Malachai Rhys

Other members Edit

  • Olivia Coletti
  • Persephone Coletti
  • Costas, juvenile
  • Emani Berg (public representative)
  • Griffin
  • Leila Savea

Deceased Edit

  • Jim Sauva
  • Clay