Anthony Kyriakus is a member of the Council and father of Faith NightStar.

He is based near Tahoe, California.


Biography Edit

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Life with Silence Edit

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Physical Appearance Edit

He has Anglo-Italian and Asiatic ancestry. He is tall with a patritian face, black hair with silver at the temple. Brown eyes.

Personality and Traits Edit

He keeps his love for his children hidden, but is willing to do alot of dirty work to keep them safe.

Abilities and Skills Edit

He is a high grade Telepath with a minor illusion ability.

He is the head of the PsyClan NightStar which controls the largest network of foreseers in the world. He is very powerful and well connected.

It is later revealed he is a leader of the Psy rebellin against Silence, having helped countless Psy, founded the Haven House, and being in close contact with other rebels such as Zie Zen. He now has become the trusted face of the Ruling Coalition.

Family Edit

He has a brother, Leon Kyriakus, who also has a daughter, Sahara.

He has three children: Faith NightStar (from a fertilization contract with Zanna Likowski), Marine NightStar and Tanique Grey.

Relationships Edit

Faith NightStar:

Nikita Duncan:

Tanique Grey:

Zie Zen:

Trivia Edit

  • Anthony owns one of the 10 coins that mark him part of Zie Zen's inner circle.

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