Aden Kai is the leader of the Arrow Squad.

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He has silky, black hair, high cheekbones, and olive skin. His eyes are dark brown and almond shaped. He is slender but muscular with angular Asian features.

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Aden only has a 4.3 Tp and a 3.2 M ability. His actual main ability is so rare, that it doesn't have a name. They coined it "mirror." With this ability, he can draw power from his close friends (Zaira, Vasic, Christobel, Axl, Amin) via a telepathic connection and become stronger than any Cardinal.

Otherwise, he is seen as "weak", and occupies the role of a field Medic.

He was the unofficial leader while Ming LeBon was still in charge. He had helped countless Arrows escape from rehabilitation by defecting from the PsyNet and built up a safehouse for them.

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Both his parents, Marjorie Kai and Naoshi Ayze, are Arrows.

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Walker Lauren: Aden shares a deep father/son relationship with him. Walker first found out about his abilities and helped name and conceal them.

Vasic Zen: his best friend and 2nd in command, they shared a close bond since childhood.

Zaira Neve: bonded to her on a psychic level

Arrows: As their leader, he wants all Arrows to break free of Silence and let them experience love, home, and family bonds. Similar to changeling packs he wants to raise the Arrow trainees within a fixed set of rules without stunting emotional growth or letting them hurt anyone with their abilites.

Remi Denier: This alpha changeling helped them out when in need, and has thus earned his respect.

Trivia Edit

  • He is the Psy equivalent of an alpha with his pack.
  • He can draw the power from five people: Zaira, Vasic, Axl, Amin and Christobel
  • he is already on his way to becoming an Arrow leader that will make history

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"We can decide to remain in our isolated bunkers, becoming more and more obsessed with moving inward instead of outward, or we can decide to be great together. We can decide to stagnate, or we can decide to grow. We can decide to settle for the status quo, or we can decide to reach for the stars. Choose." -Aden Kai

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